Pricelist 2023



15/7-31/8 Prices are in Euros and per night.

All taxes are included.

Reservations are made only for large groups

Special prices for:


Many nights

Large families or large group of friends

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PERSON 6,50 8,00
CHILD (4-14) 2,50 4,00
TENT 4,50 5,50
BIG TENT 5,00 6,00
CARAVAN 5,00 6,00
CAMPER 6,50 7,50
CAR 2,50 3,00


1. All Campers are required to deliver his / her Passport or Identity Card at Camping Entrance.

2. On the Day of Department, the Customer has the right to stay in the rented area until 16:00. In case of delay of his/her departure beyond this fixed time he/she is obliged to pay, if he/she stay, the price of overnight stay.

3. During the quiet hours from 14:30 to 17:00 and from 24:00 to 07:00, each Camper is obliged not to disturb the peace of others. The intensity of the music should in all cases be normal and not prevent the rest of the campers from listening to the music of their preference.

4. Campers are required to be careful not to cause damage to the facility or equipment. In the event of damage to the premises or equipment at fault of the customer, he/she shall be liable for the payment of the damages claimed. Campers are required to use rubber-coated power cord for safety reasons. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the insurance of electricity supplies.

5. Campers shall not use their vehicles in the campsite, unless it is necessary. Campers are obliged to drive slowly, at pedestrian speed, to deactivate the alarm and not sounding the horn. Campers should park only in their place or in the parking lot. Car washing is prohibited. Car driver who, in the estimation of the Guardian, have consumed, an amount of Alcohol or other substances, is forbidden.

6. Please help us to keep the space clean. It is forbidden to ignite for any reason. Use grill and barbeque with caution.

7. Pets must be tied up and their owners take care of their dirt.

8. Camping's Directorate is not responsible for the loss of objects due to theft or deterioration (especially from flood-fire- -tree crash). Campers must take care of their own property. Items of value can be given for safekeeping at the Camping Department where there is security space.

9. The Camping Director is entitled in case the campers fail to comply with the current regulations and do not discipline their observation or suggestion to ban them from staying or entering the Campsite as well as removing them from Camping.

10. In any case, in which Camping's Management considers that the behavior of the customer is inappropriate for the safety of the rest and the proper operation of the business, it alone has the authority to decide on the establishment or removal of the customer.